Top Things to Do and Places You Should Not Miss Visiting On Your Next Vacation To Santa Pola

Santa Pola SpainSanta Pola is a fishing town located in the region of Alicante on the shoes of the Mediterranean Sea and given its excellent location, it’s become one of the most popular places where tourists all over the world come to spend their summer vacation. There are many strikingly beautiful views the town has to offer and also many beaches with golden sand which are perfect to spend a lazy Sunday at with your significant other or your friends. Therefore, anyone who comes to Santa Pola is going to definitely enjoy their time here, but if this is the first time you’re visiting and have no idea what to do and what to see, don’t worry about it. We’ve covered that in the short guide below.

What to See and Do

Visiting the Santa Pola port at night is certainly a great experience because that’s when the fishing boats come to shore with the catches. You can actually catch a really romantic sunset and if you’re traveling with your significant other, you’re definitely going to love being here when the sun goes down. However, if this is something you may not be into, then you can head over to the Plaza de la Glorieta. This is a very popular place where many people gather to in the evening to spend time with friends and lovers. Also, you’ll find plenty of stalls here that serve many delicious Spanish treats but also drinks, ice cream, with some of them even selling gifts.

Gran Playa Beach

Probably the most iconic attraction of Santa Pola has to be its beaches, with the Gran Playa being the most popular of them all. At the N. of the city you’ll find the Levante and the Vardero Beaches, but if you go down the coast to the S. of the city, you’re going to reach the Tamarit, Playa Lisa, La Gola and Pinet beaches. The Gran Playa beach is also located here and it’s the ideal place to snorkel, play some beach games with your friends or even total strangers while sipping from a cold drink.

Compared to the rest of the beaches you may have visited before, the majority of those on Santa Pola are actually quite wide, so even if you decide to visit in season, you’re still going to find a little bit of space to place soccer or volleyball.

Excursions and Days OutCosta Blanca

If you want to visit Santa Pola and make the most of your time here, the following tips are certainly going to help you with that:

  1. Once you reach Santa Pola, you should visit the Elche town which is very popular for its palms.
  2. You should also visit the Tabarca Island by taking a ferry from Santa Pola. This place was actually inhabited by pirates many years ago and is a great place to visit on your trip here.
  3. Don’t miss the Murcia City which is at the S. of Santa Pola and ranks as one of the best historical cities on the coast.
  4. Lastly, Torrevieja is a great place that’s very authentic and has amazing promenade and beaches.

Whether you’re a beach lover or someone who just enjoys the sunny weather and blue skies, Santa Pola is by far one of the most iconic places you can visit when traveling to Spain. With lots of beautiful sandy beaches, great temperatures and many things to do and see, it truly is paradise on earth for almost everyone who visits it.