A Roundup Of The Best Golfing Locations Within Spain’s Costa Blanca Region

Golf ball Are you ready for a round? Whether you love it or not, golf is one of the main reasons why so many tourists decide to take a vacation in Spain. After all, playing a few rounds under the golden, yet warm Spanish sunshine while surrounded by beautiful green grass is an experience that’s going to clear your mind and relax you more than anything else. Costa Blanca is known to have some of the best golf courses in Europe and is therefore the best location to enjoy this game. No matter if you come here on your own or with your friends, here are some of the top golf courses you should certainly play at in Costa Blanca.

Real de Faula Golf Course (Benidorm)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Benidorm? Well, if you try for a second to banish the thought of the family entertainment, wild nightlife, cabaret or the popular television show (even though they all make the town the special place we love) you’re going to be left with the golf scene. Real de Faula is one of the most popular golf courses in Benidorm and since it was designed by Jack Nicklaus, you already know that playing here is going to be a very special experience. There is not only one, but actually 2 eighteen-hole golf courses here and since they’re framed by the mountains behind, the Mediterranean Sea and are set within a wonderful valley filled with pines, your time spent here is going to be simply amazing.Benidorm Spain

If you’re into massive golf courses, then you certainly need to visit the Championships course which is made up of an eighteen-hole course with a par of seventy two. There’s also the Executive course which has a pair of sixty two and is again an eighteen-hole course. The Championship course is seven thousand meters in length and covers a whopping eighty hectares, making it one of the biggest golf courses in the country.

Alicante Golf Course (Alicante)

The Alicante Golf course was opened in nineteen ninety eight and was designed by the great and late Seve Ballesteros. The course is located just five minutes away from the town of Alicante and it’s a seventy two par course with six four-par holes, six five-par holes and six three-par holes. This is, as you can already see, a great format that allows more golfers to enjoy playing here at the same time. Speaking of the format, it’s simply amazing and that’s because there are no two consecutive holes played with the same par in any 1 round.
The best features of this course are its green, natural glass and eighteen holes, with hole fourteen having the extra bonus of a Roman villa. The villa was actually discovered while the course was built and it’s since then become a great attraction for golfers all over the world.

Ifach Golf Course (Moraira)

Moraira is a great spot for vacationers, but the thing is that among the many attractions it features, there’s also the Ifach Golf course which is part of the country estate. It was designed by Javier Arana and even though it has many obstacles and is quite difficult and short, it’s certainly a great place where you can practice your golf skills. The nine hole, sixty par golf course is open all year, so no matter when you decide to visit, you can always enjoy giving in to your passion for the game.Rock of Ifach

One thing you need to know about the Ifach Golf course is the fact that it’s actually a part of the country estate, so when you’re not playing golf, you can enjoy some really amazing view of the Rock of Ifach. As previously mentioned, this is a golf course that is difficult, since it has many obstacles and is also short, so it’s a great place where skilled golfers can play and have a lot of fun doing so.

If anywhere you go on vacation you cannot do without giving in to your favorite sport, then Costa Blanca is a wonderful vacation destination where that’s never going to be a problem. With so many great golf courses, but also scenic landscapes, great food and friendly people, spending a weekend here is going to be a very special experience.