Shop Till You Drop At The Amazing Shopping Venues in Costa Blanca

shoppingAre you planning a vacation in Costa Blanca and would like to also go on a shopping spree when you come here? While it’s true that most people are going to visit Costa Blanca for its wide range of water activities, beautiful scenic landscapes and delicious local foods, there are also tourists who simply love shopping and cannot imagine taking a vacation without going a shopping spree in the destination of their choice. So with no further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the best places where you can shop at when visiting Costa Blanca.


If you love crafty works, then Crevillente is probably one of the best places you can come to give in to your desire for shopping. No matter if you’re looking for rugs or goods made from wicker and glass, there’s something for everyone here. Since there are so many great places to shop at here, sooner or later you’re going to get hungry. When that happens, you can heave over to get some tapas from the many bars and restaurants in the area that serve some of the best tapas you’ll ever have.

Santa Pola

When visiting Santa Pola, you’re going to find some really amazing stuff here, especially sea shells made into everything you can imagine, including artistic, imaginative and kitsch items. All you have to do is take a look. There are literally thousands of great items you can buy and they’re all made from sea shells. However, if you’re the type who loves leather goods, then you’re better off seeking out the markets. Speaking of which, here are some of the markets you should certainly visit when coming here:Benidorm

  1. The Elche Market (next to Cruz Roja). You can buy anything here ranging from homeware and all the way to shoes and clothing. The market is open from 9AM to 2PM.
  2. The Gran Alacant Avenue Market: This market sells pretty much the same types of items as the Elche Market. Operation hours are also the same, with the market being open from 9AM to 2PM. At this same market you can also buy many fresh fruits and vegetables.

One thing you should know is that you can also take a boat trip from Santa Pola to the Isla Tabarca archipelago.


Those who love shoes are going to find themselves in shoes paradise once they finally manage to reach Elche. This is a place that has so many shoe stores that you’re certainly going to find it impossible to visit all of them in one day. There are actually more than one thousand shoe factories here, so you can easily imagine just how many models and types of shoes are sold here. Just make sure to be moderate with your wallet here, since it can be pretty tempting to buy more than one or two pairs of shoes.


Alicante is not only a city for departing and arriving, but also a city where you can enjoy a little bit of retail therapy. So if you’re the type who loves chain stores and you’d like to spend many hours shopping for bags, shoes and whatnot, then you should certainly head over to the Avenida Maisonnave.Costa Blanca

Here is where you’re going to find swish and large department stores, including all the brand names you know and those that you don’t know, including smaller boutiques, all in one place. You’ll also be very happy to find many arts and crafts stores here and believe it when you hear that a meal with a shopping spree go hand in hand like red wine and blue cheese.

If you’re traveling with your significant other or husband and he’s not spending the day at one of the many golf courses the Costa Blanca is known for, you can have him join you in your shopping spree and ask him to carry a bag or ten. It’s not cruel of you to do that though, since here are plenty of bars and cafes where he can get some respite while you resume your shopping spree. As the old and popular saying goes: Shop till you drop, or in this case, until he drops – in the wonderful and picturesque town of Alicante!