Enjoying A Perfect Vacation In The Picturesque Town of Altea, Spain

Altea SpainOnce a traditional and beautiful village built on a hillside, Altea has developed a lot in the last decades and it now encompasses a bustling modern town center, a wonderful promenade and a stunning harbor. In fact, the place is so wonderful that thousands of tourists flock here every year in order to have a great time in the quiet and also beautiful streets of this gorgeous city. If you’re planning a vacation here and you’d like to make the most of your time in Altea , then below you can find out more about the best things you can do when coming here.

Walk Along the Promenade

Running for several kilometers, Altea ‘s promenade welcomes you with a wonderful view, having the sidewalk cafes and palm trees on one side and the ocean on the other. Go for a bike ride, a run or just for a walk with your significant other and you’re going to feel like you’re walking on the path to paradise. Since the sunsets here are simply breathtaking, it’s a good idea to have your camera handy and ready to take those amazing pictures you’ll be dying to show to your friends at home.

Visit Altea ’s Old Town

AlteaClimbing the steep streets and reaching the Old Town of Altea is an experience that’s going to teach you a lot about this wonderful place. In fact, this is where the true magic and charm of the city lie. Narrow alleys and winding streets lined with steep steps will take you on a journey through the most iconic jewelry stores, art galleries and museums in Altea . If you love churches, then you should certainly climb to the top of the town and visit the old church. Its massive blue dome is very imposing and marvelous and it can be easily seen from wherever you may find yourself in this great area.

When the night sets in, especially in the summer time, the old town suddenly ignites with cafes, bodegas and an air of good times. It’s simply mesmerizing to be here and experience all these beautiful things.

Shop on the Main Street in Altea

For shopping lovers, the Main Street in Altea is a place you absolutely have to visit. You can start your shopping spree at the Ale Hop chain gift shop and pick up a few inexpensive gifts for the folks at home. Next, you can head over into the eye popping house ware stores, jewelry shops, but also amazing clothing stores and beauty shops.

The indoor market should not be missed, since this is the best place to peruse the many selections of olives and olive oils, teas and coffees, dried nuts, vegetables and fresh fruits, but also butchered meat and cheese.

If you go down further, then you’ll unmistakably end up in one of the many Chinese bazaars here which are packed with very affordable items, including bras, postcards, games, toys, shoes and many more. Finally, it’s time to end your journey by sitting in a cafe at the end of the street and admiring the beauty around you. This is what most Spaniards do at the end of a special and memorable day.