Top Scuba Diving Places In Cost Blanca

DivingCosta Blanca consists of over two hundred km of coastline that belongs to the Alicante Province in Spain. Its name was actually a promotional name that the BEA used when they launched their London and Valencia air service in nineteen fifty seven. The tourism industry here is very well developed, with tens of thousands of tourists visiting its many wonderful towns all year long. However, it’s not only the food and the scenic landscapes that people come here for, but also because they want to engage in various water sports. Scuba diving has become very popular with the tourists who come to Costa Blanca, so if you love to explore the depths of the sea, then there are many places where you can do that here, as following.

Scuba Moraira

This place is the oldest 5 star PAID Dive center in the area and it’s situated one of the most amazing stretches of coastline, about sixty minutes away by car from Valencia airport and forty five minutes by car from the Alicante Airport. The dive center is actually located on the Moraira coast and runs daily boat dives in a wide range of fascinating and wonderful dive sites along the Mediterranean coast. For those who love them, night and cavern dives are also available.

MarDays Dive Resortscuba diving

Located in Javea, the Mardays Dive Center Resort is a popular destination for tourists who love diving. What makes it stand apart from the rest of the scuba diving locations out there is the fact that they offer new installations, but also complete relaxation and comfort to their clients. When you’re finished diving, you can enjoy a wonderfully cooked dish at the nearby restaurant. There’s also a terrace bar that has a wide selection of cocktails for you to try.

Buceo Puerto Javea Diving Center

scubaLocated in Javea, the Buceo Puerto Diving Center is by far the most popular diving locations on the coast. In fact, thousands of tourists flock to this place not only because they offer amazing diving experiences, but also first class courses to the uninitiated. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced diver who wants to explore the wonders in the Cala de Moraig or L’Scull area or someone who is a total newbie when it comes to diving, this is the best place where you can learn everything you need to know about it.

In total, there are more than fifteen dive sites you can choose from, so no matter how picky you may be, there’s certainly going to be at least you’re going to completely adore. One thing you need to know about the staff here is that it’s comprised of many foreigners who are actively involved in many local environmental campaigns. They’re also partners of Project Posidonia Control and Project Aware, which goes to show just how much they care about clean oceans.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

The Dive! Dive! Dive! is a great scuba diving company that provides a full range of scuba diving courses. The company is based just S. of Torrevieja, in Playa Flamenca which means that when you come here, you get to dive into the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea. The clear waters and great local climate make the Costa Blanca one of the best diving places in Spain, an experience where you can explore the large variety of marine life and delve into new and unexplored worlds. It is also possible to dive as a group, so if you travel with your friends and you would like to take some cool pictures underwater for example, then you can easily do that. However, that’s going to come at an extra cost if you don’t have your own underwater cameras of course.

Cabo de Palos and Cala Cortina

Last but not least, Cabo de Palos and Cala Cortina are a great place to dive no matter if you’re an expert diver or you’re just starting out. Of course, if you’re a fully fledged diver with many years of experience and would like to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins, then you can opt for exploring the Naranjito wreck or the Islas Hormigas Marine reserve. This is going to be a truly unique experience you’re likely want to repeat on your next vacation here.

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